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5 Tips To Organize Small Size Apartment

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

The small size of the room that we have to be very clever to choose furniture and materials as fillers interior of the apartment. Selecting the right furniture dimensions will make the activities more leverage in a small apartment. With proper selection of furniture that will not make us depressed, because the feel of the room still looks wide. Look for furniture that point becomes a priority value than aesthetic. Here are 5 tips in structuring a small apartment to make it more functional and make you feel comfortable.

  1. Having an ergonomic circulation space. So that the room look more spacious, you can use the concept of open plan is to unite or combine living room, dining room and kitchen.
  2. Featuring a point of interest on each corner of the room. This is so that the room does not look flat and dull.
  3. Provide a play of light that can affect the impression of a beautiful and spacious room. provision of good lighting will also feature detailed furniture, so it will be more attractive. Provide good lighting can also provide broader impression.
  4. Adjust the size or large-small furniture. Sync with space and your needs.
  5. Choose the finishing material that is lightweight and varied. The selection of lightweight materials and see through now become the first choice because it can create more free space for the occupants.