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7 Idea Of Making The Garden An Ideal And Comfortable Home

How to make the park an ideal and comfortable home? when saturated work or after a day of activity must be feeling tired. one place to unwind is in the park. To sit under a tree to rest and breathe fresh air that will create a cozy atmosphere. Cool air and the scenery will make you lose your sense of fatigue. Below 7 the idea of ​​making the park an ideal and comfortable home:

1. Character Building and Occupant
In order for the garden and the house looks aligned, adjust Instead garden design with the concept of home. In addition, psychological problems residents also need to be taken into consideration for designing a garden. This is because the psychological connection with the occupants of the house, because the park can serve as a sedative soul.

2. Land
for the home garden arrangement, adjust to the land you have. If the land is not too extensive, you can work around this by planting plants that simple. Alternatively, you can grow plants in pots.

3. Circulation of People and Window Glance
Circulation of the people referred to herein may be the circulation of people in the park or the circulation of people who go to the terrace or the main door. Placement of windows overlooking the park also should you want so that the owner can see the garden from inside the house. circulation aspects also need to be considered because it deals with a window view.

4. Hardscape
Hardscape or hard elements in the garden can be shaped statues, rocks and ponds. Hardscape usually designed at the beginning of a garden. some are called softscape are complementary elements in the form of plants.

5. Type Plants
select plants in accordance with the concept of home you have and hardscape park. For example, you have the concept of a minimalist home, then you can choose plants that are practical and have a minimalist character (the leaves are not dense).

6. Light
If in the park, you give shrubs or bushes are exposed to sunlight for a long time (over 5 hours), you should put the plant as a shade tree. For lighting the garden at night can put artificial light in order to look beautiful garden.

7. Gazebo
Complete with hangout (gazebo), while chatting you can sit back and enjoy the garden house. This will make you feel comfortable and calm.

So, immediately create home gardens, 7 the idea of ​​making a garden house has been obtained, stay immediately revealed. Tired after working the medicine just park and do not need to see a doctor.

How To Make A Small Bedroom But Feels Comfortable?

Room is a private space and includes a favorite room where we rest the body after a tired day of work. Problems arise when the small room size and arrangement of items that are not neat, it makes us uncomfortable. Uninterrupted views of the stuff that is not neat and narrow space that affects body movements while in the room, this is a big deal … But by following these 5 tips I’m sure you narrow beds will not make you a bad dream again.

5 Tips to make a small bedroom into a comfortable:
1. Insert the items that are rarely used
Incorporate furniture that is not important, the main problems that make your room look cramped. Moreover, coupled with a wide range of electronic goods in the room, making your room into a cramped and hot because the heat generated from electronic items. Therefore, you should select the items that are just necessary. So there is no accumulation of goods and you also will feel comfortable when you are in the room.

2. Make the Walls
The use of shelves that can be attached to the wall or commonly known as a floating shelf can help you to store items such as tools books, makeup, accessories to make it look neat. Making floating shelf does not need to be costly or buy it. You can make it by using a thick board and accompanied by a buffer so that the board is not easily fall.

3. Make the bottom of the bed
Utilizing unused rooms can be the best solution, you can utilize the space under the bed to store items that are rarely used as a test paper that has not been sorted, bedding, dvd tapes or other items that are not used. Surely this is supported by an interesting arrangement that room you could look presentable.

4. Maximize the space angle
Maybe you never thought to take advantage of a corner. This you can use to save a small cupboard as a food reserve. it’s good to let the small closet was empty because the cabinets could serve as a multifunctional cabinets. In addition, you can also use it to put a table to put a computer or other electronic items.

5. Gaming wall paint color

Select a color to taste but avoid room wall paint color that contrasts with the color of furniture because it will cause your room seem cramped.