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Scandinavian Style Kids Room

Scandinavian style kids room? Nordic bedroom may seem cold, but they are not as many accessories they look really comfortable. Scandinavian style, which we see today is more than just an interior design scheme, it is a way to create a beautiful, elegant and functional space itself. The main feature of all the bedrooms is it’s own color scheme, white and neutral is primary colors, black, green, gray and more can be added, but the atmosphere was calm. Scandinavian style bedrooms may vary: if you add some wood, an ancient fireplace and retro accessories – and here you have a vintage style. To choose a warm impression furry animal skins, patterns of squares and warm sheets. But the important functions that must be considered is, comfort. Because children need to feel comfortable in it, does not need a useless luxury.

Second, a kids room should be fun so it will be a place to play that is not boring. Children love colors, which provides excellent Scandinavian style kids room. Too many incentives and forms can be tiresome, but here the colors and bold shapes appear only in the accessories. A colorful carpet, patterned wallpaper, wall murals or posters simple graphics and images can be an interesting twist, giving life to a smooth interior. Soft blankets and rugs, cushion with a smooth texture, and fun teddy bear will be a joy for our children.

The third, also function as a study room. Joy and pleasure are presented into the Scandinavian style kids room should not divert his attention to learning. Therefore, the use of monochromatic colors in the workplace of a small pupil will allow him to focus on learning. Furnishing a child’s learning area, you can not forget his proper lighting. Scandinavian style places emphasis on natural sunlight – blinds and curtains in the room is not required. In addition, the interior is also illuminated by the lights, the brightness creates a warm aura of light, bouncing off the walls smooth.

LEED Platinum Prefab House by PB ​​Elemental

Pb Elemental has recently completed projects for Beachaus I inHaus Development. Seattle-based studio Pb Elemental is the first Eco-friendly prefab house in the community of White Rock East coast south of Vancouver in British Columbia. LEED Platinum Prefab House is a two-floor prefab house designed for a family of intelligent, active, and living efficiently.  It has three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, two half bathrooms, a two-car garage, and about 2,085 square feet. Prefab house is a smart house that offers energy -efficient home design. Prefab house with high performance windows with large glass windows on each side of the house. In addition, the prefab house is also facilitated with water HRV – exchange systems, hydronic radiant heating, tight thermal envelope with spray foam insulation with high performance. Rainwater is harvested from the roof and used to help irrigate the xeriscaped, low – maintenance yard. Inside, the prefab house features other green products and materials include carbonized bamboo hardwood flooring, an open bamboo staircase, FSC certified cabinetry, and water efficient fixtures White, gray and brown dominate the prefab house interior, so the minimalist interiors can look cute. From several sources, this prefab house is offered at $ 1.35 million.